Yahoomail Sign Up, Yahoomail Login. (

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Yahoomail Sign Up,yahoomail Login. (


Yahoomail Sign Up, Yahoomail Login – In this article, we’ll be taking some Step by Step tutorial in explaining Yahoomail Sign In, Login and Sign Up.

I opened my first email on at the age of 16 back when the Internet was still new and i did it all by myself on my old Desktop Pc (a really old gig) but it worked. opening a Yahoo Mail is much more fun now with the latest gadgets and Laptops everywhere.

Internet Cafe’s in Nigeria have also made this easy as any Tom, Jack and Harry can open a Yahoo Mail and Sign In at will.

One of the most interesting thing about or is that you can have as many email accounts for you, your business and service as you will BUT it is advisable to have just an email account so as to keep tab of all relevant information in one single mail.

Also note that is the main login page for Yahoo Inc and as such, this will mean you already having an email address with

Setting up an Email Account with Yahoo is as easy as A.B.C (well so to say)

How to Set up your own YahooMail Account?

– Visit

– By the Right-top corner, you’ll see Sign In (New here? Sign Up)
yahoomail – Click Sign Up

– Yahoo Registration opens and you are to fill in every relevant details as required (Name, Sex, Country, etc)

– If the email address you select is approved, you’ll be a welcomed officially to Yahoo with two mails showing you the way round.

Yahoo Mail Login

– To Sign into yahoo, You can Visit and click Sign as shown above or you could visit where you’ll be taken to a page to impute your Email Address and Password.

– Once both information provided is correct, you’ll be redirected straightly to your mailbox where you can have as much fun as you want.

NB: Use your email Address wisely and guard your Password well. Any body that has access to both information could control your mailbox and send spam messages to your contact list or for other illegal activities.

How to Keep your Email Address Safe

– Log into your mailbox from a secured computer

– Never disclose your password to un-known persons

– Yahoo will never ask you for your email address and password

– Discard Spam messages notifying you

– CHANGE your yahoomail password periodically (I change mine every 3months)

– Change your password if you notice any unauthorized activities on your email address.

– Read carefully Third Party apps you engage your email address.

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  1. Casmir says:

    I wat yahoo email

  2. Casmir says:

    I will like to hav yahoo email

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  10. olalekanhammed says:

    what is yahoo

  11. Shaibu Abdul-Fatawu says:

    I can no longer access my mail what is wrong?

  12. Kashif ali says:

    Sir i want this mail address

  13. Ndifreke Attah Ekefre says:

    Pls I want immediately it’s urgent thanks

  14. Ogundero folice says:

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  15. rosemarie says:

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  31. vera says:

    i have been using this e-mail address for years and all of a sudden it stop conneting pls what is wrong

  32. okegbemi blessing olajumoke says:

    yahoo and face website is badddddddddddddddddddd.

  33. Garba Hamisu says:

    Please return my yahoo mail accunt.

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    My email is not access very well,i dont no wht happen.

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    I can’t access my mail

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  42. kenneth says:

    To Sign in with your Account, Visit and click sign in to put your Email Address and Password

  43. Monisade says:

    Why am I not able to open my yahoo mail,cos I travelled to UK….pls what do I do

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